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Reidar Moursund   Norwegian version

  The 2007 release Wherever I Go is Reidar Moursunds fourth album, clearly demonstrating his musical diversity.

Wherever I Go is a journey between raw electric guitar riffs and soft acoustic songs.

Check out the fuzzy guitars with wah-wah and talkbox on Miss Y and Wings Of Gali Pap, the beautiful westcoast of Koinonoia and Wherever I Go, the blues on Golden Shadow, the folk and country on Like A Walk In The Park and Dobro Or Not Dobro, and the electric sitar on Norwegian Would (IF).

The songs are performed by a group of musicians who communicate great joy of playing together. Adding the live feel and modern sound, hopes are that the record will be palatable to a wide range of music lovers. 

Wherever I Go features Moursund on guitars, bass and some keyboards, Eirik-Andrè Rydningen on drums and percussion, and Jon-Willy Rydningen on keyboards.

The majority of the tracks are mixed by the producer and Lava guitarist Svein Dag Hauge, plus four songs mixed by Kai Andersen in his acknowledged analogue studio.

Wherever I Go can be purchased via mail order. Simply send an e-mail including full name and address, and the record will be posted within 2-3 working days. Overseas orders: EUR 19, plus postage and packaging.